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After studying foreign languages in France, the UK and Germany to become an interpreter, Christina returned to her passion: theatre and film. She trained as an actress and started acting in theatre, cinema and television. Then she discovered the event and training industries. Given the success of her activity, she decided to devote herself fully to it. And she has never felt better!

Christina has been a presenter-journalist for international events for over 10 years.

As a multilingual citizen of the world, she works in France and around the globe, notably for conventions, congresses, conferences and round tables, trade fairs, but also for broadcasts, interviews with executives, corporate videos, in face-to-face, remote, hybrid or TV set format.

At ease with writing content, she complements her role as host-journalist with that of editor-in-chief, being totally involved in the content of an event.

In addition, as an expert in public speaking, she uses her experience on stage, her acting and improvisational skills, to provide training and coaching in oral and behavioural communication. She coaches speakers on the content and form of their speeches.

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Her talentS on stage

• put speakers at ease and make them feel good
• adapt to the multicultural environment
• create the right atmosphere for your messages to be understood
• present and moderate with energy, enthusiasm and sometimes some humor, while respecting your editorial line
• bounce back with calmness and a smile in the event of unforeseen circumstances



We have been working with Christina Balanos for several years with great trust. The latest major event was the 20th anniversary of the Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation. Thanks to her experience and expertise, she brilliantly supported us for the entire event over several months: the construction of the editorial and a script in TV format, the preparation and coaching of the speakers, the pre-recorded interviews and finally the moderation of the event. Very professional, dynamic and smiling, Christina contributed, once again, to the success of our event.

Valérie ZAHRAI
Head Internal Communication, Group and France

Christina presented and moderated our international brand launch seminar. She knew how to find the right tone and put her audience at ease so that everyone could give their best. Her friendly energy did the rest.

Communication Director

Christina hosted the launch event of the Sorbonne University Foundation’s fundraising campaign. For this ceremony she also coached the 8 speakers including researchers and students. And this in 3 weeks, in record time. We enjoyed working with her very much, in complete confidence. From the beginning, she understood our goals, the tone we were looking for, our organisation and our working method. Above all, she knew how to put the speakers at ease, for whom she made herself absolutely available. Thank you again for your constant professionalism.

Director of Alumni  Relations

We asked Christina to lead the communication sequence dedicated to our latest strategic plan through several events.
We were seduced by Christina’s professionalism and agility, her ability to take a step back (and keep smiling!) on a variety of sometimes technical subjects and in a very short time frame, and her fluency in both French and English. Her role in advising on the overall process, posture and support of the other speakers was also invaluable. Finally, Christina is used to live events and adaptations that are sometimes necessary along the way. We will renew our collaboration as soon as possible.

Communication Leader – Events & Patronage
Communication Department


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