Talent without genius is little. Genius without talent is nothing.
Paul Valéry


Brushing up on your soft skills

In an ever-changing world, we are convinced that behavioural skills are essential.
Without your talents, we are NOTHING, but we know how to put them in the spotlight!

A mixture of essential ingredients

Theory to plant the roots.
A lot of practice to anchor the notions including theatrical and improvisation techniques and the 4 Colors® method. Adapting or customising the programmes to meet your needs as closely as possible.
And the icing on the cake…whatever your language, the recipe will be successful! 


Behavioural skills or soft skills

Because we use soft skills every day in our interpersonal relationships, developing them with Clap Com’ training will help you gain agility and impact but also accelerate your career progression.

Clap Com’ is a Qualiopi certified training organisation under the category: training activities
Check our regulatory and quality information here
Last update 20.03.2023


If not all our programmes are displayed, it is because we like to offer you tailor-made ones according to your needs!

Effective virtual communication

Master the challenges of remote performance and strengthen your communication skills in order to engage your audience

The art of feedback

Adopt the keys of feedback to encourage change, to value or empower your colleague or team

The fundamentals of communication

Discover the fundamentals of communication and how to cultivate them for harmonious interpersonal relationships

Highlighting your charisma

Identify your charismatic potential and leave with ways of working to make it shine!

Know yourself better to communicate effectively

Discover personality profiles to better communicate with different people and get them on board with your projects

Powerful pitch

Master the codes of a powerful pitch to highlight your projects and quickly arouse the interest of your audience

Convincing speech

Learn how to master non-verbal communication, effective speech strategy and manage stage fright for any convincing speech

Develop your leadership skills

Join us to improve your leadership skills through the techniques of theatrical improvisation


Workshops dedicated to women and mixed gender networks
Tailor-made theatrical sketches to illustrate the issues
Speaking coaching for your events, client presentations and interviews
Daring to be bold!
Bouncing back from the unexpected
Raising awareness of sexism and harassment
6 thinking hats



All training courses or workshops can be carried out in different formats. Both face-to-face and distance learning have become our daily routine. We are at your disposal to guide you according to your objectives and your budget.

1:1 Coaching

One on one with your coach
Perfect for in-depth learning

Small groups

Remote or face-to-face
Perfect for more focused learning
4 up to 10 people

Lunch & Learn

Webinar or face-to-face
Perfect for an awareness
10 up to + 100 people

Interactive conference

Perfect alternative to a classic conference by using collective participation
+ 20 to 500 people

Our courses are customised according to your needs. You have a project? You want to know how we could assist you? Contact us!

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