Making your events memorable!  

We are convinced that generating emotion with positive and impactful memories during your events will make your teams, your clients and your audience more engaged!

To satisfy YOU!   

Your events deserve the best! Our ambition in each mission is to always be as close as possible to your needs and those of the audience to guarantee the satisfaction of all. Thanks to our creative proposals and the expertise of the profiles working on your project, we do our best to make a successful event.

Your events

We work on all types of events such as seminars, conventions, congresses, conferences, round tables, product launches, prize-giving ceremonies, as well as trade fairs, broadcasts, institutional videos, public or corporate events, whether face-to-face, remotely, hybrid or in a TV set format.



We support you upstream in the global reflection of your editorial line. This can include the strategy of your speeches, the course of events, the choice of speakers, the formats, the creation of an outline and script.


The stakes are far too high to leave the transmission of your messages to chance.  We work together with your speakers on the content and form of their speeches.
Some benefits of coaching with our team:

  • optimising the content of your speech to make it impactful
  • giving you the keys to a convincing non-verbal style
  • share tips on mental preparation to tame stage fright


The presence of a presenter or journalist can make the difference between a good and an excellent event.
Our experts have a gift for:

  • setting the pace for your event and engaging the audience
  • highlighting your speakers and their messages
  • adapting to the unexpected with calm and smile
  • work in several languages
  • facilitating face-to-face, remote or hybrid events

Discover one of our host-journalists: Christina Balanos


You want to organise an in-house or client event but don’t know where to start?
Thanks to our experience and partners, we can advise you on the entire event, from the choice of the ideal venue, the formats, the variety of content, the most appropriate sequencing, the coaching of the speakers, the general moderation, and the delicious catering. And of course, we are at your side on the day of the event to make it successful.




The Sales and Marketing Department of BNP Paribas Personal Finance wanted to offer an annual seminar for a team of 120 people remotely.


  • To re-motivate the entire team

  • To allow participants to meet and/or rediscover each other in a different way

  • To create a strong moment of cohesion that puts a smile on the face and generates motivation to work as a team


  • Development of the programme and content according to the specifications
  • Search for inspiring speakers on the theme of optimism and facilitation in the form of an interview
  • Editorial preparation and facilitation of the exchange with the Director of the entity and member of the Executive Committee on the year’s results and the perspectives for the following year
  • Creation of an icebreaker in the form of a collective photo-video
  • Creation and facilitation of a Video show team building with proposal of themes and genres with 10 facilitators


We asked Clap Com’ to organise our annual seminar, which brought together 120 employees remotely (due to the health crisis). Christina BALANOS and her team exceeded our expectations in terms of both the preparation and the co-building of this seminar. Her proposals in terms of the agenda, choice and diversity of speakers were real assets. Her ability to challenge us and bring us new ideas, her boundless curiosity and her journalistic talents, not to mention her team, who was also able to adapt to the current context, enabled us to make a success of our annual 100% remote seminar.

Nasser AKIKA

Head of Skills & Culture Department, Sales & Marketing Division - BNP Paribas Personal Finance

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