Alone we go faster, together we go further – African proverb

Unite and engage your teams

It is probably one of the best investments you can make in your teams. It builds trust, reduces conflict, encourages communication and increases collaboration. Effective team building means more engaged teams, which is good for the company culture and the bottom line. And with Clap Com’, it’s very FUN!

Bond your teams  

Create a positive atmosphere conducive to interaction, relaxation, and the discovery of each person’s talents.

Fun and professional at the same time

Our creative activities often generate laughter while meeting your challenges. We ensure that our teams are professional in order to offer you a successful team building experience.

Our team building activities



Would you like to put yourself in the shoes of a film star, to showcase the creative and technical talents of your team? From script writing to directing, you will go through all the stages of producing a film that will be memorable!


Theatrical hoax

Actors pretending to be your colleagues or guests infiltrate your webinar or face-to-face event with your complicity to interpret a well-crafted scenario. Initially credible, they become increasingly strange until the impostor is discovered. A great way to get your important messages across and to surprise your participants.



A dynamic and playful way to start or create cohesion during your event.
Ours actors-improvisers break the ice with collective exercises based on theatrical improvisation. A moment that unites and engages your participants in an offbeat way.


Theatrical improvisation

Experience a workshop through theatrical improvisation led by a consulting actor.
Develop your imagination in a playful atmosphere by using your creativity to build stories together. You will have a great time letting go and building cohesion, then leave with winning communication keys.



Lip dub

Produce your own Lip dub!
We can help you create a video on your favourite music, all staged in playback. Captivating and fun at the same time, your team will leave with an incredible energy and a memory in pictures!


4 Colors® Olympic Games

Inspired by the 4 Colors® method, the olympics games consist in experiencing collective emotions around activities tinted with 4 personality colors. Throughout the event, positive and benevolent communication is disseminated, promoting understanding and acceptance of oneself and others. The ultimate objective is to work better together while having an excellent moment of cohesion.


Improvised performance

Would you like to conclude your event in a different and dynamic way? Choose an improvised debriefing by our comedians-improvisers who will have absorbed your messages throughout the day.
They will then give you a report in an off-beat and fun manner that will leave a lasting impression on your participants.



Revisit current company’s issues or put some oxygen in your daily life by going on stage as a team.
Based on themes defined beforehand, we will facilitate your teams in the creation of sketches while providing you with the basics of acting so that you can shine on stage in front of the other participants. A great moment of cohesion where the acting talents of your teams are revealed.



Video conference show

Your teams are spread over the world and you would like them to experience a fun and engaging moment of cohesion remotely? Based on themes defined beforehand, we facilitate your teams in the creation of sketches that are edited and performed in front of everyone. An opportunity to discover the amazing creativity of your teams in a remote format.

Most of our activities can be carried out face-to-face or remotely.
This list is not exhaustive, other proposals are possible according to your needs.
You have a project, you want to know more, contact us!

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